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Enerbrain makes dumb buildings smart. Improve the financial productivity and comfort of your buildings without modifying any of your existing systems.


Smart Energy Platform powered by wind and solar with integrated energy storage for IoT applications


Humanising Autonomy improves safety and efficiency of autonomous mobility systems through better understanding of human behaviour across cities.

Humanising Autonomy

An AI that gives you people analytics to drive organizational change. No more surveys. Ever.

Status Today

Cyber, AI
API anomaly detention by deep learning

Spherical Defence



CyberOwl introduces Medulla In a world of accelerating risk, too much data and too many alerts, Medulla, a cyber risk prioritisation platform gives you clarity


Enterprise-wide software platform for autonomous economy - cloud managed fully autonomous workforce of drones & robots for industrial use cases @ click of button

Unmanned Life

TravelAi digitisation tools bring AI & next-gen data to any transportation stakeholder, by providing deep insights into customer journeys


We help anyone developing self-driving tech, who wants to lower time/cost-to-market, by providing affordable hardware and scalable software.


Spark uses machine learning to help electric vehicles go further between charges using live data from vehicle, driver and atmospherics.

Spark EV

Mobility, connected cars
We offer deep learning to dynamically predict and prevent the risk of road accidents in real time, based on 28 sources of contextual data.


Iomob: a blockchain protocol connecting mobility services (transit, taxis, bikes, etc) with users in a seamless UX driven by token economics


Mobility, blockchain
We enable railway operators to detect mechanical problems in advance with real time condition monitoring to avoid catastrophic events.


Dazzle is a platform that makes it easy for people to buy digital tickets for travel, hotels and attractions using voice, text & chatbots.


We are developing a Fast, High-Precision GNSS Receiver (GPS, Galileo, BeiDou) that is Ultra-Low Power at Low-Cost.


Synaptiv is a data analytics platform focused on generating value from connected car data.


The Smart Mobility Platform Smart Journeys and Delivery For Every Journey.


Our mission is to empower people to overcome addictions It all starts by combining technology, healthcare and design.

Quit genius

A 3-month programme to help you lose weight and change your lifestyle behaviours

Our Path

AppyParking is way more than just another parking app. We’re the world’s first connected car and kerbside management platform that bridges the gap between big data, TRO mapping, IoT and agnostic payments


CENTURY is an award-winning teaching and learning platform for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.


Next-generation audience intelligence for brands


DoDo offers a same day logistics service which simplifies the life of both cusotmers and companies by providing a Marketplace for new business opportunities.


Supply chain & Logistics
Award-winning software from a stellar team with decades of experience in government, security as well as research at Oxford University.


Empowering those with diabetes and hypertension to do the best for their health

Baobab Circle

The health and wellbeing coaching app for pregnancy and motherhood


Health & Wellness
Pick up your Phone Drop the Mic!


Is an on-demand coach service that allows users to travel direct, when they need to.


Third Space embraces technology to deliver the benefit of one-to-one numeracy support to classrooms across the UK.


A SOCIAL NETWORK AND DIGITAL TOOLKIT THAT BUSKERS CAN USE IN THE STREET. This platform helps you get digital donations in the street, get hired for gigs and build fans, all while performing!


Shopwave delivers enterprise class iPad PoS (Point of Sale) to enable connected, omni-channel retail. It features integrated payments, couponing, loyalty and an OAUTH2 API.


My Support Assistant Limited is focused on the operation of an online platform for interaction between support providers and seekers. It allows users to post their support requirements online for support providers to view and attend to them.


The School of Code is the world’s first online multiplayer coding platform. Team up, collaborate, compete, solve problems and code together! Learning to code is lonely, hard, and frustrating – despite loads of coding resources online people often get stuck, bored, and quit thinking it isn’t for them. Only people with support around them make it through, but it is a lonely journey so they do not practice collaboration, soft skills, or team work. Furthermore, the IT skills gap is huge and growing, with rising automation meaning digital skills are becoming increasingly important. Our multiplayer coding platform allows you to team up to learn, solve problems, and code together in real-time. It gamifies learning to code, and embeds support and motivation into the platform through its multiplayer nature. Collaborate or compete, and experience the new way of learning to code. This is not only a brand new and improved way of teaching code, it’s a better way of interviewing too. Engage more candidates by letting them interview through programming in a team game, and find out their coding skills, soft skills, and how they work in a team to find the right skills-culture fit!


Karisma Kidz is a company focused on developing and producing games and toys for children between 3-9. It carries out both online as well as offline operations with the aim of enhancing a positive mindset in children through games and toys.


nCube started late 2012 and first consumer sales late 2013. Like all teenagers, Phil was nagged for leaving things on, so he invented a solution by hacking an old tape deck motor, a ruler, some springs and a micro switch. Next up is business partnership for scale growth and internationalisation.


HQ is the only solution that lets freelancers run their business from their phones in an incredibly simple way, saving them time and money.


A social payments and group purchasing engine for e-commerce.


Hubbub is a crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is sponsorship by a crowd of many donors, each making an individual, small donation in return for a small reward, like a t-shirt or a project poster. Hubbub provides a platform to showcase projects to a potentially huge audience, and gives sponsors an easy way to donate.


We make billboards change as people walk towards them…


Personalised sports viewing: the viewer creates a personal broadcast by choosing from multiple camera angles on the fly! Sports produces create ‘one-size-fitsa-all’ broadcasts and control our viewing experience. Viewers lack the freedom of choice and cannot tailor the broadcast to personal preferences. You cannot follow your Formula 1 driver unless he is in the top 5 in the race, same for Golf. In other sports we miss interesting moments, because the camera angle chosen by the Director was wrong. Minglvision is Your personal broadcast – we enable viewers to personalise any sports broadcast by manually chossing between al available camera angles. There is no delay or buffering during the switch, and the trransition quality is comparable to the professional broadcast. Camera controls are easy to use and our solution works on any device connected to the internet.


Bike Hawk manufactures covert GPS bicycle trackers and accompanying iOS, Android and Web apps to give greater security to your bicycle. Making your bike part of the internet of things. Bike Hawk trackers are also GPS cycle computers that are capable of mapping your ride, and providing cycle analytics like maximum and average speed, total distance cycled, and calories burned.


gocarshare.com is a car sharing website that helps passengers find drivers who are travelling to similar locations and vice versa.


PoS solution for the travel industry enabling their customers to pay for travel in affordable monthly instalments, whilst travel retailers are settled up front!


WeFarm is ‘The internet for people with no internet’ – a peer to peer knowledge sharing platform for small-scale farmers around the world addressing anything that can improve their lives – then making it available through any device, anywhere, even the most basic mobile phone.


I Can Make sell fun, educational content for your 3D printer, and provide CPD workshops and teaching materials to help introduce 3Dprinting in the classroom.


Xpreso eliminates the ’Sorry we missed you’ card that online shoppers receive due to failed deliveries.




Trustev is the first fraud prevention software that works without ‘rules’. It accurately analyses behaviour and transactions in real time, identifying fraudulent buyers and providing instant decisions that are far more precise than traditional software. We use pattern-matching of thousands of datapoints, simultaneously, in context. We can spot fraud instantly, without mistakenly blocking real transactions. Currently a number of companies such as Radioshack, Vodafone, Telefonica and TransUnion are using Trustev to stop fraud and increase sales.


Popdeem is a rewards platform that drives engagement and brand advocacy by rewarding customers for sharing brand experiences via social media through instant coupons or sweepstakes. By incentivizing influencers to share their authentic experience with their peers, we increase word-of-mouth for businesses and analyse how social recommendations impact sales. Within our platform, companies can also segment and communicate directly with targeted customer segments based on social influence, relationships and interests. The Popdeem platform is successfully deployed with brands in Ireland and beyond, driving improved engagement with key influencers.


Yoyo is a London-based mobile payment and loyalty app that gives retailers a set of tools which enable them to better target their customers


Provide An Integrated And Inclusive Connected Automated Transport Platform For Efficient Operations At High Traffic Destinations


Night Zookeeper is a digital art and literacy resource, freely available to teachers of K-12. Night Zookeeper enables children to create a unique magical animal to live in an online zoo. Their animal appears alongside their classmates and other animals created by children from all over the world. Students and teachers use the website to learn the story of the Night Zookeeper and then complete ‘missions’ which are offline tasks that require students to play, write creatively or complete arts and crafts activities.


Fonesense is high engagement marketing for mobile apps. We make advertising incredibly relevant for our partners customers with the right message at the right time, and via the right media type. We have partners from two distinct groups. Firstly, mobile operators where we are working with some leading global groups, covering 100m subscribers, to help them engage and monetize their customers in an unintrusive way. Secondly, we have mobile apps with thousands of daily active users looking to advance their customer interaction and encourage their users to open their apps again and again.


PixelPin provides secure authentication services for mobile and web, enabling a picture password alternative for user accounts.


iHELP is an online platform that provides immediate assistance by connecting users in any type of emergency.


Proversity works with organisations to create free open digital courses to attract, assess & recruit talent, as part of a job application.


MedArKive is a digital delivery and hosting solution for copyright protected content licensed and distributed to the medical community.


Handwritten communication for thoughtful companies, send messages to your clients that will get read and not deleted. In today’s digital world, customers have extraordinary access to information and over 3,000 marketing messages a day get deleted, discarded or ignored. Inkpact offers companies a way to send handwritten messages to clients in just a few clicks. Real pen. Real ink. Real paper. Our collection of handwritten letters and notecards have a 100% read rate, are shared and shown around the office and remembered for months later. Not only that as our writers are mainly mothers and fathers working from home as our business scales so does our social impact on local families.


Metafused’s AI answers what new and existing customers and prospects will do next in real time and helps turn their data from a cost to a revenue centre.


Pocket Explorers is an interactive platform that encourages children to spend more time being active outdoors.


Automated device management for IoT. In the IoT, the challenges of managing connected devices at scale become very significant. This creates unwanted costs, but more importantly, limits a business’ ability to grow. Automated device management is the key to controlling these costs, and enabling the growth. This means monitoring, triage, firmware update and SLA reporting. We call it DevicePilot.


Rotageek uses predictive data-driven technologies to effectively and fairly schedule staff.


We build, market, and sell patented technology and solutions to acquire and retain customers for the world’s leading brands.


Policy in Practice believes change happens on the frontline. We bridge the gap between policy development and its implementation by combining deep policy insight with practical frontline experience and technological expertise. Deven Ghelani founded Policy in Practice in 2012 to make policy work for people. He saw how complex and process-oriented the welfare system was and wanted to change that. He set up Policy in Practice to communicate information to people on the frontline in a fast, user-friendly way, and help people to make the decisions that are right for them.


Elemendar is a machine intelligence platform that reads cyber threat reports by humans and turns them into industry-standard structured information


Makelight Interactive build smart special effects that drive engagement and capture value at live events. Activating audience members mobile phones with crowd wide interactions such as mobile powered unified light and video displays, and voting displays of coloured pixels created by smartphones.


Ad-free. Curated. Educational videos online for children aged 1-13


Lingoing is an online market place for the language industry connecting language professionals and clients together. The platform is transparent, cost effective and traceability with all functionality in one place.


usherU: 75% of cinema seats go unsold as the way films get marketed and sold is broken and distributors waste billions mass market films. We have partnered with the BFI to help sell unsold cinema tickets to local consumers based on each individuals preferences. We ask you what your favourite films and cinemas are and then make personal recommendations for films where cinema sales are slow. We provide distributors, cinemas and advertisers with trend analysis reports which will bring each market efficiencies. We will allow distributors also to market films to local consumers based on these preferences.


Paperfold is an email client for iPad that brings you closer to your email while on the go.


SaaSAssurance provides highly scalable and easy-to-use cloud software and digital media training that help SME software companies obtain difficult cloud standards such as ISO 27001.


Cybersmart is a platform that automates implementation, certification and compliance with cyber security standards.


mumoActive: We built a diabetes management app to empower people with diabetes to avoid hypoglycaemia and get on with their lives. Now health teams want to use mumoActive to communicate with patients and teach self-management at scale.


Videobot enables enterprises to launch, manage and monetize branded mobile video applications. Videobot’s platform – VBOT – provides total control and complete analytics on enterprise video assets published to social networks, leading to better engagement. We have a wide range of clients including the European Commission, Hyundai and Channel M. Our current pipeline looks very healthy with big brand prospects that have huge international reach in the enterprise space.


BuzzMove is the UK’s first removals price comparison website. The only place where a potential customer can see instant price quotes for their home removal without entering any of their personal information. Get your personalised quotes within minutes, and save the hassle of being bombarded by removal company quotes.


Discoverables is a gameful platform that enables young people to identify, develop and showcase the key strengths and skills needed to succeed in work and in life.


Corporate legal fees are a black hole, costing companies millions in waste every year. Legalshine helps large organisations control and reduce their legal spend through data analytics. We’ve developed a semantic engine to read the text on legal bills, analyses the costs, and reduce legal spending for large organisations by hundreds of thousands of euros. And with the data we are gathering, we are building the world’s pricing platform for procurement of all legal services. We have signed one of Irelands largest financial institutions as a customer, have a US pilot in place, and have annual recurring revenues over €100k.


Birdleaf transforms sign up email addresses into rich, actionable insights. We search over 100 services for publicly available information on each email address in a company’s sign up database. Our technology analyses all of the data, calculates trends and classifies each contact. We then provide the company with easily digested analytics, allowing them to get a clear picture of their actual customer types, identify key people within their email lists, and segment their lists for effective upsell and marketing campaigns. Ultimately, Birdleaf gives companies the knowledge and the means to dramatically increase conversion rates. A number of companies such as Lyst, CurrencyFair, VentureBeat, Flybe and Adroll are using the Birdleaf platform to increase their marketing ROI and conversion rates.


Memrica Prompt helps people with memory problems make the most of each day. Multiple conditions cause memory problems. An active person who is aware of this often feels anxious about getting things wrong or getting lost. As a result they withdraw from social activity and/or become isolated and depressed, which impacts their mental health. They may use a paper, wall, online calendars or sticky notes to try to cope. However, these can be misinterpreted, get lost or don’t provide enough space for all the information needed to give enough confidence. The information is also not readily available at the point of need. Memrica Prompt fights the fear of forgetting to help people make the most of each day by collating personal context and shared history, which is available before and during an event to boost confidence. They system also nudges users to add notes after an event to help later recall. Families and carers can hep manage the service. Analytics track use patterns to send alerts about changes detected. Aggregated data on cognitive change supports health and hosing providers to plan services more effectively.


Six3 Video Messenger lets people send short, private video messages to each other. Users can apply video filters, and share to social networks. Six3 is available for iOS devices, PC & Mac. The Six3 team has created core technology for the BBC iPlayer, launched digital media services in 36 markets, and created design and UX for household brands like Amex, Bupa and British Airways.


Qudini is a cloud based digital queue and appointment management system that allows you to better manage your customer’s journey through your store, by providing them with accurate information and personalised updates about their waiting experience using SMS communication, paper ticketing and digital display interfaces.


SalesOptimize is a B2B online sales lead generation platform. Our technology scans the internet, analyzing eCommerce sites globally and ranking them in terms of Enterprise ($20m) versus Sole Proprietor ($10k). Our algorithm can also uncover specific operating details such as which payment platform or shipping service an eCommerce site employs. The SalesOptimize system qualifies these eCommerce sites globally to score and enrich existing leads, whilst also generating new leads which can be downloaded directly into a customers CRM system thereby connecting a company with their eCommerce marketplace.


Indigo enables airlines and travel retailers to access the €12bn revenue opportunity in ground transportation. For every flight that lands, 60% of the passengers on board will use a taxi, train, sedan or bus to complete their journey from airport to city. This is hard to book in advance and harder to sell as an upgrade when selling a flight ticket. Integration with Indigo is a single project that enables ground transportation booking in over 235 airports worldwide. Integrating the IndigoConnect platform could earn the typical airline €5m per annum. To date, we’ve closed 5 deals and we have a healthy pipeline of projects for 2015, including one of the largest online travel agencies in the world.


Blue Ronin Ltd have created BaseStone, a tablet and web based application for architects, engineers and construction professionals. BaseStone is designed to significantly improve the processes associated with drawing review – from speed and accuracy increases to data gathering improvements in the field.


Aim to disrupt the online dating industry with our new smartphone connection application. TrueView has built a smartphone application that will not only change the online dating landscape it will also totally give its users a fully dynamic and effective experience that has not been seen before. – See more at: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/trueview


The most advanced sleep technology in the world. Poor sleep can be significantly detrimental to health. Just three nights of inadequate sleep can dramatically elevate a person’s risk of diabetes. Poor sleep is linked to a 58% increased chance of premature death. Poor sleeps are more likely to suffer from Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Depression and more. Pzizz induces sleep through the medium of technology. By applying an intelligent combination of voiceover, sound effects, music and binaural beats, our patented algorithm is clinically proven to put people to sleep.


Squirrel is a financial wellbeing platform that helps people regain control of their finances and achieve financial peace of mind. We work in partnership with public and private sector employers and institutions to offer their employees a more comprehensive set of practical and intuitive payroll-backed tools for budgeting, saving and financial planning. In doing so, Squirrel is uniquely positioned to help employers help their employees tackle and in time eliminate financial distress, and in doing so improve their bottom line.


The TripAdvisor by Kids. Parents need inspiration for activities to do with the children & kids need persuading that they will enjoy the activity. Businesses need to talk directly to families & to be heard over the noise. KidRated.com provides families planning days out with engaging photographic & video reviews by kids of attractions & events. It provides businesses with a platform on which to show rich & authentic content about their attraction or event.


Building the world’s first truly smart chatbots, leveraging an award-winning technology platform.


Video commerce platform that enables online publications and social networks to monetise large volumes of traffic by making video editorial immediately shoppable.


StudentFunder is the one-stop shop for student funding that offers crowdfunding, scholarships and affordable loans. Students will typically raise 30% of their total target from friends and family. They can cover the rest through scholarships and loans.


Gordon Games Ltd develops sales management tools to help salesforce.com customers win more deals using game techniques.


We turn your favourite music videos into the easiest English teaching tool on the planet, powered by real time artificial intelligence.


Verimuchme is a digital wallet and exchange platform to secure, verify and re-use personal information. Through ID-based crypto-technology, individuals and enterprises are linked to personal information that can be shared digitally over and over again


Airtime Rewards provide a solution allowing retailers to reward customers with money off the cost of their smartphone as an incentive for spending in-store or online. There are 50 million consumers in the UK that own a smartphone and we’ve developed an innovative solution for consumers who are able to fund their smartphone cost using reward value, generated through spending with high street retailers. Integrated with Visa & MasterCard, to automatically track transactions & reward consumers every time they purchase. Retailers – open up a marketing channel of 50m PAYG & Pay Monthly subscribers in the UK, rewarding customers with a unique & relevant currency. Customers – Reduce or nullify the cost of their smartphone through displaying loyalty to well-known retailers. Networks – value-added solution enabling customers to reduce the cost of tariffs for customers.


Beautifeye captures smart customer data for global brands that directly impacts revenue. We take market research challenges and create big data solutions through pixel and text analysis on millions of images and tweets. Our market leading computer vision, machine learning algorithms, and our powerful deep learning technology uncover new actionable insights, developing data-driven customer segmentation and impactful strategies for our customers. Johnson & Johnson, BBVA and Pernod Ricard are currently using the Beautifeye platform to unlock customer value and drive growth.


Predicts driver fatigue to prevent accidents, save lives, and save money.


Skin Analytics build a digital history of your skin so that you and your doctor can measure, track and ultimately understand your skin. Meaning you have the tools to take control and ultimately improve your skin health.


Consumers seek new, enduring experiences beyond those offered by traditional marketplaces. Online retailers offer hundreds of thousands of products but they lack content driven engagement. Physical and digital publishers provide valuable content but lack a trusted marketplace. Bourbon combines the best practices of digital marketplaces with the high engagement of rich media publishing. By merging exclusive, valuable, highly engaging content, aimed at niche audiences, with algorithmic product targeting and the proven fulfillment capabilities of independent retailers, Bourbon enables the creation of highly engaging marketplaces. Our first niche is the market for music instruments. Over the last three months, our self-produced videos, featuring hundreds of original stories, have been watched over 150K times and we’re now matching that audience to hundreds of instruments from the inventory of our retail partners.