Charles Lowe

Managing Director, DHACA

DHACA is a free-to-join member-driven organisation dedicated to improving interoperability and reducing duplication in health and care systems. DHACA has 700 members, split across clinicians, suppliers (primarily SMEs) and commissioners, plus a few academics and consultants. DHACA’s objective is to identify appropriate resources and facilitate fruitful collaborations between the public sector, industry and the third sector, to expedite the development of new ways of delivering health and care that benefit all parties. DHACA has particular expertise in mHealth app assessment and regulation, wearables assessment and regulation, and IoT. Charles Lowe was educated at Cambridge and the London Business School. Following an early financial career, he led the creation of the BT Intranet as one of the first, largest and most successful corporate Intranets. He was at the centre of BT’s collaboration with the UK Government to deliver UKonline and other path-breaking public uses of the Internet. After BT he ran a large ICT/modernisation programme for the London Borough of Newham’s Social Services Departments where he established a large telecare programme with some 3,000 users. In 2007 Charles won Department of Health ‘Whole System Demonstrator’ funding for LB Newham to include telehealth. Charles’s telecare work won a 2008 NHS London Health & Social Care Innovation Award. Charles joined Telehealth Solutions in 2008 where he was responsible for product development and initial sales. In 2011 Charles joined Surrey County Council as Telecare and Telehealth Project Manager on a short contract to mainstream telecare and to run a £3.9m telehealth tender, both now successfully completed. Since 2013 he has built a portfolio of roles including Managing Director of the Digital Health and Care Alliance (DHACA) and assisting NetScientific plc in commercialising their data analytic service to improve substantially the predictive ability of telehealth.