Dr Ranil Perera

Lead GP and Lead on IT/Clinical Lead, Greenwich CCG/Conway PMS/Bincote Road Surgery (GP)

Dr Ranil Perera, a GP since 2001, practices at Conway PMS Medical Centre in Plumstead; He joined the CCG Governing Body as a GP Commissioner in 2014.  In the two years prior to joining the Governing Body, Dr Perera was the Clinical Project Lead (CPL) on the Greenwich Referral Management Service (RMBS) and contract monitoring. As a GP Commissioner on the Governing Body, Dr Perera is the lead for mental health care. He is the CCG’s Caldicott Guardian and as the quality assurance lead, Dr Perera oversees the relationship between NHS England and the CCG in respect of quality assurance issues.  On behalf of the Governing Body, Dr Perera is also responsible for information technology and business intelligence, which builds on Dr Perera’s interest in exploring how technology can be used to enhance the patient experience and make life easier for clinicians. Dr Perera is an advisor to the General Medical Council on disability issues.  Outside of clinical practice, Dr Perera’s interests range from neurolinguistics and psychology to archery to sports and exercise medicine.  Additionally, Dr Perera regularly shares his flair for magic and comics with his younger patients. He has lived in London since 2006 with his young family.