Phil Koczan

Chief Clinical Information Officer, North East London NHS Foundation Trust

Phil is a clinical associate and has been a senior GP partner in a large practice for 21 years. He also has a long clinical informatics interest focusing on the use of clinical data to support the development of integrated patient care, commissioning and outcomes measurement. He is a member of the Royal College of GPs health informatics group and member of several national boards promoting both informatics and primary care including NHS England Open Source Programme and SCCI (Standardisation Committee for Care Information). Phil has been involved in several projects looking at how the delivery of care can be improved by the appropriate use of information systems, particularly ensuring that the right information is available to the right clinician at the right time to support integrated care whilst at the same time recognising security and patient confidentiality issues. Phil is experienced at providing clinical leadership to challenging projects, having previously provided clinical leadership to the “My Health London” project launched by the Mayor of London in 2011. He is the London clinical lead for the national “Patient on Line” programme which is providing patients access to their electronic primary care record and a first step in understanding how greater involvement of patients could support improvements in care and transformation of care delivery. He holds a wide range of skills and experience in the areas of Healthcare Information Technology, Healthcare Management, Change Management, Governance and Program Management, on top of his Clinical Research. Phil has held various informatics roles including: Chief Clinical Information Officer for UCLPartners, one of the Academic Health Science Networks. Chief Clinical Information Officer for North East London Foundation Trust Digital Clinical Champion for London and Essex with the Patient on Line Programme Clinical Lead for the London 111 integration Pilot