Our Explorer Network

Our fundamental principle of Velocity Health  ‘All Teach, All Learn’ means we are continually committed to providing and growing beneficial relationships for our start-ups and the ecosystem.

By creating an extensive network of healthcare professionals, academics, and corporate members our Velocity Health “explorers “ network will have the opportunity to engage with an incredible ecosystem in digital health; whilst also providing entrepreneurs with the right expertise to accelerate their development.

Explorers can join the VelocityHealth network by becoming mentors, navigators or collaborators.


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Jenny Millar
Strategic Pricing/ Teacher
Ushma Soneji
Dr. Tim Bray
Claire Oatway
Bethan Bishop
Bruce Kynoch
Jonathan Anscombe
Professor Tony Young
Michael Wright
Wim Vandenhouweele
Jenny Thomas
Desney Tan
Dr Aumran Tahir
Hal Stern
Mary Stahl
Harpreet Sood
Oliver Smith
Tamir Singer
Susan Sinclair
Chris Sawyer
Andy Ross
Jane Rogers
Stephen Ranjan
Dr Ranil Perera
Ash Pandya
Dr. J. Nwando Olayiwola
Simon Nicholson
Michelle Mosolgo
Dr Nadeem Moghal
Dr. Mahiben Maruthappu
Ben Lucas
Charles Lowe
Zahid Latif
Phil Koczan
Anna King
Martin Kelly
Sean Hughes
Emily Hough
Heather Hancock
Farhat Hamid
Professor Joanne M. Hackett
Dr Cosima Gretton
Professor Jonathon Gray
Dr. Brian Flately
Kirill Duskhin
Charlie Davie
Julie Bretland CEO
Lizzie Barclay
Elizabeth Angier