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Our offer

Share dealflow & secure enterprise opportunities for your portfolio

We help you add value to your portfolio by providing access to commercial opportunities with Telcos.  When you collaborate with us on a scouting sprint by sharing the relevant dealflow, we offer:

Access to industry-vetted dealflow crowdsourced by our scouting network during the sprint.

Exposure to commercial opportunities with Telcos for your portfolio.

Potential new channel partnerships with Telcos.

Unique data sets & insights acquired over the sprint.

Co-investment in the companies that deliver the strongest commercial partnerships.

How we can work together

We have two main operating models with VCs:

1. Inbound

You can send your companies across to us at any time. They will be assessed by our Inbound Committee.  Within two weeks we will confirm whether or not we can build a commercial case with our Telco brands for your company.

Our Inbound Committee runs every two weeks. In these committees we pitch selected deals to Telefónica Innovation executives who assess the potential use case for Telefónica.If approved we can start designing a business case for your company.

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2. Outbound

If you'd like join our scouting sprints, we will get in contact when a new sprint is launched. You will have the opportunity to share companies that match the scouting thesis.

We may also require your sector specific expertise pre-scouting to refine  the challenges in the scouting thesis.

Read more about the end to end Outbound Scouting process below:

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Read more about our Outbound Scouting process

Outbound Scouting Explained 


We ideate, validate and define the scouting thesis:

  • Ideation and market research.
  • Discuss with VCs and industry experts.
  • Scouting Thesis Workshop.
  • Define the Scouting Thesis .


We scrape the market for all companies that could fit the scouting thesis, filter the list, and pitch the best contenders to you:

  • Research market trends and complete desk scouting.
  • Aggregate recommendations from VCs and scouting partners.
  • Shortlist the best companies for the committee.
  • Pitch selected companies to the corporate.


We approach the shortlisted scaleups and setup a demo:

  • Centralise the voting data to define the shortlisted companies.  
  • Approach the companies and validate the opportunity.
  • Organise product demos for the stakeholder based on the brief.
  • Send feedback back to VCs and founders.

Post Sprints

Share updates and dealflow with VCs and scouting partners:

  • Begin designing the partnership elements: commercial, technical, etc.  
  • Due diligence on technology, investment, competition, customers.
  • Design the business case together with the corporate.
  • Prepare company for procurement.
Duration: 2 weeks
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Duration: min 6 weeks

Monthly updates on our active scouting sprints & top companies fundraising - Sign up to our newsletter

Our team

Remus Rădvan
Head of Scouting and VC Ecosystem
Margaret Sheyindemi
Investor relations manager
Nicholas Duncan 
Scouting Lead
Let's discuss innovation
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Case studies

Sourced companies:


Sourced companies:


Sourced companies:


Sourced companies:


Computer Vision Sprint


Telefónica required a computer vision solution that could leverage 5G, be industry agnostic and use their data to offer unique insights to customers. 

We sourced solutions for both retail and industrial use cases for:

▪   health and safety

▪   asset tracking

▪   people movement

▪   predictive maintenance

We found a Y Combinator alumni company, founded by two PhDs, called Aura Vision.  

Aura Vision ran in-store trials with O2 and were onboarded by several O2 businesses.  

Seen as the 'Google Analytics' of stores, Aura Vision have a prospective multi-million pound pipeline of enterprise customers.


Elizabeth Ponsford

Senior Product Innovation Manager - 5G

Computer Vision sprint

The sprint has been a huge help in scouting the market and exploring potential companies, using their solid understanding of businesses, commercials and technology to identify possible candidates and qualify them effectively.  It would have taken us ages to do this ourselves so this has certainly accelerated the process.

The team has been particularly consultative in this, making good recommendations not just about the selection but also about opportunities to work with them via Wayra too.

They’ve added huge value to the process and I look forward to getting some great new vendors onboarded.

David Moro Fernandez

Global Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (GCTIO) team dealing with service platform and voice IP comms sprint

Scouting with the Wayra UK team has been a really good experience. Since the beginning all of them were focused on understanding our needs, which were not very easy at all.​

The kindness and the desire of working and helping us was awesome. The way they work, from the first meeting to understand what we are looking for, the proper scouting, the meeting to note and make decisions and the pitches were really good, organised and drove by the team. For sure, with any doubt I will work with them again and I will recommend them.

Matthew King

Product Director - O2 Motion

The team swiftly grasped the crux of my requirements and they found an impressive number and breadth of companies that were a potential fit. The team were super responsive throughout the process, providing critical feedback and valuable input which in turn strengthened the process we went through.

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If you have innovation challenges or simply want to scan the market, get in touch with our scouting team to see if we can help.

Monthly updates on our active scouting sprints & top companies fundraising - Sign up to our newsletter