March 24, 2020

Wayra UK - the British arm of Telefónica's open innovation hub – is proud to support and present the various initiatives of its start-ups as a response to the Coronavirus crisis. Please see below for a brief summary.


Remote healthcare and at-home diagnosis has become dramatically more relevant in the past week. If TestCard were to partner with a rapid diagnostic company that is producing a COVID-19 rapid screen test, it should be possible to develop an at-home version of the test. This would come with numerous benefits. To name a few: the test could be delivered exactly as it should be; the data from the results could be analysed to closely track the infected areas; areas of immunity might also reveal themselves; the risks around managing the testing would be considerably lower when operating remotely; and, the elderly and frail could be reached and treated in isolation.

O2 & Visionable

O2 & Visionable are providing medical-grade video-conferencing to clinicians for 6 weeks free of charge. After the first 6 weeks, customers will then be charged at the standard rates which can be found here.

Visionable is the first video collaboration platform designed especially for healthcare teams’ advanced clinical needs. Next-generation video conferencing is combined with patented pixel-for-pixel imaging capabilities. Host meetings of every size, from 1:1s to large-scale conferences with multiple vantage points. Because Visionable was designed especially for healthcare, it’s ideal for clinical settings. Clinicians can monitor and consult with patients virtually, with all of the required records, scans, and pathology images at their fingertips.


It is NHS-approved and trusted for reliability, ease-of-use and data privacy. At its core, healthcare is about people. Visionable helps teams design new ways of working that put people at the centre. To give everyone the best possible care, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

An explainer video of Visionable can be found here.


Playrcart has proudly adapted its video-commerce platform so that instead of being able to purchase a product immediately within a video you can now seamlessly donate instead.  Playrcart has recently delivered a live stream for the legendary Nile Rodgers‘s BRITS Viewing Party, held in aid of Nile’s We Are Family Foundation and The Brit School. It was streamed live on Facebook, and on, with a Donate Now button embedded within the stream itself. This allowed all viewers to easily donate in a couple of clicks while watching the event uninterrupted.

Playrcart hope this technology is adopted at scale so that it can help many more worthy causes worldwide.  It's been widely acknowledged that in this time of crisis, charities are a lifeline to millions of people and as such demand for their support has hugely increased yet donations are free-falling. Playrcart hopes that this will help encourage more donations.  



Hospify became the first and only messaging app to get approved by the NHS Apps Library, just a week before the covid-19 crisis really kicked in. Since then the company has seen its user base more than double and has been contacted by a constant stream of surgeries and Trusts, but also by the new NHSx CIO Sonja Patel. Sonja announced that she has decided to use her current hospital, London North West University Healthcare Trust, as a testbed for rolling out Hospify at scale and the Hospify team has been onboarding the Trust's 10,000 staff all of this week.

The CyberFish

Criminals exploit system weaknesses, even in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic. The CyberFish Immersive Incident Exercising platform has been built on the deep cyber security and occupational psychology knowledge of the founders’ team. Their innovative crisis simulation games take teams through a realistic simulation of real life cyber incident scenarios, just like a fire drill, step by step. Its platform tracks, analyses and feeds back learning opportunities to users in order to improve their technical incident response handling in a pandemic, and remote team dynamics as social distancing quickly becomes the norm. The start-up, from the NCSC Cyber Accelerator powered by Wayra, has already sold out all dates in April to Government.



With the majority of its network closing down due to the COVID-19 crisis, ChargedUp has announced a new project called CleanedUp. The project was created for venues to provide hand sanitising facilities for their customers to keep everyone safe and to give confidence during and after the crisis. Therefore, ChargedUp has decided to utilise our resources to repurpose our brand new 150 free standing phone charging stations into hand sanitising dispensers, to be used in supermarkets, train stations, shopping centres and hospitals. ChargedUp also has capacity to produce 1000+ more per month if needed. All hardware and hand sanitiser at cost price to any venue in need.





Visiting empty supermarkets in search of essentials is frustrating, nearly traumatic for some. Witsy therefore has launched a dashboard to provide you with up to date information on the availability of "hand sanitiser" and "toilet rolls" across major online retail platforms. In the next few days, this will be extended to cover the US and India, with more stores and essentials being included for the UK. 




To help schools and colleges affected by coronavirus, CENTURY is offering its AI-powered learning tool for free during the entire duration of the closure. CENTURY creates a personalised learning path for each student and is perfect for independent learning at home. It also enables teachers to monitor students’ performance and perform timely, targeted interventions. If you’re worried about closure, get in touch with CENTURY who can set up your free school account within 24 hours.



Pzizz, the app suite that helps you to "sleep at the push of a button", is giving anyone 30 days of free access to our entire suite of health apps to help them through this crisis.




Highbrow is a children's EdTech company that is founded and run by parents. During the Coronavirus crisis, the outpour of requests to access Highbrow has been huge from the world over and it has resulted in the release of its "pay what you can" initiative. Businesses, schools, teachers, parents can choose what price to pay for Highbrow and get access instantly. The team believe that every child deserves the best education, and are proud to support that in any way possible.



For NHS and Healthcare teams affected by COVID-19,  Rotageek are offering access to its Digital Scheduling Solution at no cost, no-obligation, and with no strings attached for the next 3 months. Get in touch and the team can get your team up and running in 24 hours.


Legal Utopia

L.U.E now includes a new Coronavirus Support domain for small businesses to access practical legal guidance on financial support, employee queries and contract management in light of the ongoing impact COVID19 is having on the nation's SMEs.



Inkpact is Fighting Coronavirus with #CoLoveLetters. In this form you can send a letter to an individual or bulk send up to 25 letters to an organisation. You have the option to add first name or keep it generic. All the letters are from a stranger that cares.


Class is ON

Freelance dance, yoga and fitness instructors are looking to stay afloat outside of the studio during this lockdown and many are turning to online solutions. Class Is ON has adapted its online platform streaming real in-studio dance, yoga and fitness classes to now include home-based tutorials to help freelancers meet the demand.

For those who are finding it challenging to adopt a productive and healthy workout routine at home, or simply looking for something different, Class is ON provides a great opportunity to stay active and sane during self-isolation. Flexible payment options are also available for those who may be struggling financially.


At Wayra, we will do everything we can to help our founders, and are personally committed to supporting every one of them. 



At Wayra UK, we democratise entrepreneurship by providing unparalleled access to networks and capital, turning start-ups into scale-ups, while ensuring that our start-ups reflect the UK diversity. We have already accelerated almost 300 start-ups and invested in 193 of them, which nowadays have a combined value of over $1bn and have had 137 trials or contracts with Telefónica, generating $18.5m in revenue for our portfolio of start-ups.

We scale start-ups by giving them access not only to investment but also to business development opportunities with some of the world’s largest companies, including our parent company, Telefónica. We are part of a larger group which runs 7 hubs in Europe and Latin America, that reach the entrepreneurial ecosystems of 10 countries.  This makes Wayra one of the world’s most global, connected and technological innovation hubs.

Apart from our 193 portfolio companies, we have supported other 94 start-ups in 6cities throughout the UK. We bring world-class start-ups not only to Telefónica globally and to O2 locally, but also to our network of partners, including Cisco, Novartis, Ferrovial, Hyundai, Connected Places Catapult and the British Government, via the GCHQ and NCSC. In each case, our primary aim is to find new sources of revenue and/or innovation for the start-ups.



Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world by market capitalization and number of customers with a comprehensive offering and quality of connectivity that is delivered over world class fixed, mobile and broadband networks. As a growing company, it prides itself on providing a differential experience based both on its corporate values and a public position that defends customer interests.

The company has a significant presence with over 346 million accesses around the world. Telefónica has a strong presence in Spain, Europe and Latin America, where the company focuses an important part of its growth strategy.

Telefónica is a 100% listed company and its shares are traded on the Spanish Stock Market and those in New York and Lima.



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