The Intelligent Mobility Accelerator

Seeking start-ups to lead a transport revolution powered by the Connected Places Catapult and Wayra UK.

Making transport smarter

The Intelligent Mobility (IM) Accelerator, a partnership between Connected Places Catapult and Wayra UK, is designed to attract disruptive start-ups with high-growth potential into the UK transport supply chain, while helping them grow into world-leading companies.

For the upcoming cohort of the IM Accelerator, our areas of interest are:

Future mobility models

With the sharp rise of micro-mobility in our cities, what business models, technologies and platforms will enable a seamless adoption whilst ensuring scalability and safety? Areas of interest are:

  • Micro-mobility integrators
  • Last mile mobility mode integration
  • MaaS platform (Mobility-as-a-service)
  • Added value services (subscription-based) in urban spaces

Electrification of the grid

Electric vehicles (EVs) are set to play a significant role in the decarbonisation our cities. What disruptive automotive, energy and infrastructure technologies will enable us to embrace this revolution whilst ensuring affordability? Areas of interest are:  

  • Smart management of battery charging of EVs
  • Battery storage technology
  • Autonomous/ wireless charging solution for robotaxis
  • ‘Off grid’ electric vehicle charging
  • Rapid charging & Ultra high-powered batteries
  • Battery state of health measurement
  • Operator agnostic charging infrastructure for micro mobility and integration to EV charging
  • Business models enabling second life of batteries

Urban Logistics and Supply chain

Urban logistics is a significant contributor to the pollution in our cities. What emerging technologies will enable us to monitor and optimise our logistics networks to reduce emissions alongside enabling a more sustainable and visible supply chain. Areas of interest are:  

  • Delivery optimisation: Routing algorithm, loading/unloading functions (auto scanning), loading space optimisation, and item recognition
  • GPS/ Mapping Solutions: Optimised maps for logistics/vehicle Routing/parking, sensor-based item scanning, and combined loading solution
  • Logistics Monitoring Solution: Machine vision based cargo monitoring and quality control
  • Asset management: IoT/ Wearable for remote monitoring system
  • Smart Logistics Manufacturing Solution: Production of BPR, AMR, AS/RS robotics based unmanned automation equipment for distribution centres
  • Smart Vehicle proposition: Cold chain, delivery, preventive maintenance
  • Last Mile Delivery in urban areas for logistics


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What is Intelligent Mobility?

Global transport systems are entering a period of radical change, driven by rapid technological advances in wireless communications, AI, alternative power trains, open data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the rise in autonomous systems.

Customer attitudes, expectations and behaviours are shifting rapidly in response. Resources – whether for skilled people or finance – are increasingly pressed, infrastructure capacity is constrained and systems are becoming more complex and inter-connected.

There is also significant pressure to reduce emissions and improve environmental outcomes.

Intelligent Mobility (IM) will drive a radical overhaul of transport systems to redefine the future of transport. The UK is ideally positioned to take advantage and be at the forefront of this momentous new global market.

The IM Accelerator is focused on unlocking these opportunities and seeks to capitalise on this opportunity by catalysing those innovative businesses who will bring about the disruptive, challenging products and services of the future to unlock this potential and bring about this change.

With our partners, we want to create a world-leading transport accelerator that helps start-ups scale into global players.

Our Intelligent Mobility (IM) Accelerator is one of our most successful programmes which evidently shows the benefits of a committed partnership and why we seek world-class partners. Partners include the Government funded Connected Places Catapult, Amey and the automotive giant Hyundai.

The programme is the first in the UK to cover the full range of areas related to Intelligent Mobility, supporting data-driven solutions for the most pressing transport problems facing the world today. To date we have created 24 commercial pilots and proof of concepts and companies have raised over $250M in external investment.

Businesses accepted to the programme will receive a six-month support programme, providing office space, mentoring and networking.

The successful start-ups will also get access to the partners’ networks of investors, government agencies, customers, large corporates and universities, as well as opportunities to work with the CPC’s world-leading Data, Visualisation, Customer Experience and Connected and Autonomous Vehicle capability teams.

Areas of Interest

The programme will invest in and accelerate start-ups tackling engineering challenges across selected focus areas:

Car as a Service
Open Data Platform
Consumer incentivisation
Interaction with infrastructure
Energy market and EV
Safety for Drivers and Passengers
Security and Sensors including Camera, Lidar, Radar, etc
In-vehicle experience, UX(User experience)
In-vehicle space & system
Inclusive Mobility
In-car health and wellbeing
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