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Seeking start-ups to lead a transport revolution powered by the Connected Places Catapult and Wayra UK.

Making Transport smarter

The programme is designed to support leading corporates in solving their innovation challenges in the transport industry by leveraging solutions offered by disruptive start-ups.

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1. Decarbonising Mobility

Transport is the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gases in the UK, contributing 27% of domestic emissions in 2019.  

Our transport system must change to deliver the Government’s Net Zero ambition and DfT are driving change through their longer-term green transport agenda.

What technologies or business models can support the industry in eliminating harmful pollutants, by accelerating the integration of sustainable transport systems and infrastructure, alongside influencing a modal shift towards more sustainable transport choices, e.g. encouraging active travel solutions.

• EV & Charging Technology
• Logistics & Supply Chain Decarbonisation
• Accelerating Modal Shift
• Achieving Net Zero
• Sustainable Mobility Modes

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2. Improving Experience

We must put the needs and expectations of current and potential users at the heart of the operation of the transport system, especially given the significant impact Covid-19 has had on both usage and perceptions of public transport.

Ensuring that our infrastructure and the services which use it meet the varied needs of businesses and the public, are attractive, affordable, sustainable, safe and resilient.

What technologies will enable transport stakeholders to understand the needs of it’s current and future users, and enable them to offer resilient, safe and accessible services in the future, e.g. to improve the safety of female users of public transport.

• Optimising Transport Networks
• Understanding the User
• Enhancing Road Safety
• Improving Transport Accessibility
• Covid Response and Recovery
• Safety for vulnerable travellers

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3. Connected Mobility

Government is committed to ‘levelling up’, so that every corner of the country can benefit and share in future prosperity.  

Transport hubs and network connectivity is an essential input into the efficient functioning of markets, reducing the costs of doing business and supporting linkages between key sectors of the economy.  

What disruptive technologies and mobility models will enable our rural areas, future towns and cities to become more connected whilst supporting socio-economic growth, e,g, supporting the future of freight.

• Enhancing Road Safety
• International Connectivity
• New Connected Mobility Models
• Multimodal Connectivity
• Autonomous Systems and Infrastructure

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Areas of Interest

The programme will invest in and accelerate start-ups tackling engineering challenges across selected focus areas:

Car as a Service
Open Data Platform
Consumer incentivisation
Interaction with infrastructure
Energy market and EV
Safety for Drivers and Passengers
Security and Sensors including Camera, Lidar, Radar, etc
In-vehicle experience, UX(User experience)
In-vehicle space & system
Inclusive Mobility
In-car health and wellbeing
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