Health Hub 2020

In a post COVID-19 era, healthcare delivery in the NHS will be transformed. This is the accelerator programme at the forefront of this change. Applications are now closed.

What is Health Hub 2020?

The Health Hub is a unique partnership between Wayra UK and Novartis Biome UK. Co-designed with the NHS, the Health Hub aims to empower and enable health-tech companies to accelerate innovative solutions which can address key challenges in the healthcare sector. The Health Hub provides founders with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with leading health experts and decision-makers from Novartis UK, the NHS, and the wider health and tech ecosystem to grow their digital health start-up and to provide solutions at scale.The whole operating model of the NHS has been transformed, and years of digital transformation is taking place in a matter of days. Today and in the near future, the NHS will rely more than ever before on digital health solutions to ensure wherever clinically and practically possible, patients can access, and should access, healthcare through digital means. Very soon you will meet the Health Hub 2020 cohort whose solutions could support the NHS to deal with the medium to long term challenges created by COVID-19 and beyond.

What sort of companies is Health Hub 2020 looking for?

As part of its mission to find companies who are able to accelerate and scale digital health solutions that will support the NHS to deal with the medium to long term challenges created by COVID-19, we are looking for start-ups with the following solutions:

  • Referral refinement solutions including those that can accelerate care pathways through virtual consultations, diagnosis and triage in primary care  
  • Shared care decision making solutions that enable the safe continuity of care for patients discharged from hospital who require routine monitoring by MDTs in community settings

What are the offerings from Novartis?

Access to the Novartis network ‍

  • A customised induction day tailored to the start-up’s growth needs at Novartis.
  • Access to coaching and 1.1 engagements with Novartis subject matter experts from functions such as marketing, commercial, market access strategy, health economics and medical affairs.
  • Access to a single-point of contact to provide support and guidance via a Strategic Partnership Lead.

Support with NHS engagement‍

  • Understanding and navigating the NHS, to enhance knowledge and insights into the NHS.
  • Accessing innovation masterclasses and associated programmes via the AHSN’s to enhance growth opportunities.
  • Identifying senior NHS leaders as mentors and for 1.1 engagements for practical advice and guidance.


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What we offer

World-class mentor board from Telefónica, Novartis and NHS

Telefónica business development support

Support in raising funds

Office space in Piccadilly Circus

Coaches that adapt to your needs

Cash investment

Access to the Wayra community of alumni, investors and corporate partners

TestCard Case Study

CONTEXT - Incorporated in May 2017 by Dr Andrew Botham and Luke Heron, TestCard’s solution is designed to solve the biggest issue confronting healthcare globally; isolation. Affordable, easy to use and precise, TestCard is able to significantly lower the cost of diagnosis and the monitoring of healthcare conditions whilst simultaneously improving the quality of results being delivered. TestCard joined the Health Hub in February 2019.
SOLUTION - Throughout the year, the Health Hub has put in place a tailored programme, including access to coaches, mentors and Novartis and Wayra's network. The programme's content included training and support over marketing, commercial, health economics and medical affairs. It also helped TestCard understanding and navigating the NHS.
RESULTS - TestCard has had an incredible year, awarded the ‘Top Emerging Technology’ prize at CES in Las Vegas and agreeing with NW London NHS to make its solution available to all 2.5m residents. Meanwhile, a successful pilot with one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies established that TestCard’s tech was more reliable than the fixed terminal scanners used in hospitals and clinics around the world, opening up a series of opportunities for collaboration

Areas of Interest

Amazing, disruptive tech
Telefónica and Novartis fit


Health Hub 2020