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Wayra connects Telefónica and technological disruptors around the world

Scaling start-ups is a global problem and finding revenue streams is a big challenge.

Founded in 2011, Wayra is Telefónica's Open Innovation Hub with presence in 10 countries. Wayra is the largest global Open Innovation Hub, run by entrepreneurs. Marry this with unparalleled access to networks, capital and corporations, Wayra turns start-ups into scale ups​.

Telefónica provides unprecedented access to business development opportunities with some of the world’s largest companies. It has 346 million accesses around the world, which are all accessible to Wayra’s start-ups​.


Driving innovation with +35 startups in our portfolio

Frank Luisen
CEO Emax Digital

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Frank Luisen
CEO Emax Digital
Frank Luisen
CEO Emax Digital

If you have a business that will change the world, Wayra UK will help you scale.


60 global strategic partnerships enhance opportunities for start-ups.

Our investor network

Wayra’s comprehensive network of investors helps scale your business.

Wayra’s investment

Our acceleration programme could provide funding up to £250,000.


Our coaches provide in-depth, practical business advice.


Significant professional development through our ongoing masterclasses.

Telefónica business development

Access to Telefónica’s global customer base of 350m customers, across 18 countries.

Dedicated mentors

Helpful guidance to our start-ups throughout their acceleration.


Individual meetings and one-on-ones to help start-ups reach the next level.

Office Space

The stylish academy is the perfect location to grow a business.

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September 30, 2020


Upcomming events

Espaço para potenciais eventos que serão abertos para a comunidade e realizados aqui na Wayra.


#EUvsVirus Hackathon
Bright minds wanted!

From Telefonica and Wayra we support the 1st #EUvsVirus hackathon of the European Commission to look for innovative solutions to the challenges of the coronavirus.

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