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If you're in the business of driving the future of your corporate and you're looking to understand best practices, find the best events in your industry and meet others that share you can share with and learn from - we built this newsletter for you.

Top read this month:

Choosing the right innovation method for you

If you're looking to set up an innovation arm in your business, but unsure of which method to choose, we created a cheat sheet for you.

This article breaks down the pros, cons, expertise needed & cost of al major innovation methods, so you can pick the one that fits you best.

Wayra spotlight

Meet Hiya

Meet our portfolio company - Hiya and hear how they brought consumer protection, business customer satisfaction, and unlocked new untapped voice revenue streams for Telefónica.

September Newsletter

In this months newsletter we have events news and insights.

Healthcare corner

For all of you in healthcare, these are this month's best events to meet the right people and hear from the experts.

It’s conference season, come join us

Here are the three conferences we thought would be best to meet the world of innovation - can't wait to see you there.

Weekly insights from the people implementing innovation

Thomas Bastien

Looking for commentary on the future healthcare, finding the start-ups making the biggest waves in the space - follow our resident healthcare expert - Thomas for his take on the space

Bruno Moraes

If you're looking for corporate innovation insights more generally, how to build a CVC - follow our MD with 20+ years of experience of delivering impactful innovation.

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