July 26, 2023
July 26, 2023

3 things you should probably know if you're a corporate thinking about your Generative AI strategy

Top takeaways from our Gen AI for corporates & enterprise transformation event

 AI strategy with Wayra, 4YFN & CI&T

Recognizing the growing need for expert guidance in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of AI strategy, we joined forces with 4YFN, bringing together the most distinguished speakers from various industries. Here are our key learnings.

1. The rapid adoption at an individual level has eased adoption at an organisation level

The rate of adoption of Generative AI is unlike that of any of its 'emerging technology' predecessors. Why? Because tools like Chat GPT are being used every day by EVERYONE. What that means is there's less scepticism and more understanding around the technology and its potential allowing it to be pushed through.

2. Self-regulation must happen whilst we wait for the 'actual' regulation

Corporates must create their own governance benchmarks around Generative AI rather than waiting for regulation to impose them.

Despite the recent AI Act, there are still ways to go in comprehensively regulating this technology. Not thinking about your governance is a mistake waiting to happen.

Whether you adopt someone else's best practices or create your governance standards, just be proactive rather than reactive to regulation.

3. Know what type of infrastructure you need to use Generative AI for the way you want to use it.

Depending on what your AI governance is like or what you plan to use the technology for, there are different options available to you. Whether that's an open structure, localised LLMs, the RAG protocol etc. Just know what's right for what you need.

Above are just a snippet of the topics we covered at last weeks' event covering how enterprises can begin leveraging Generative AI.

The pannel & our incredible speakers:

Niall Magennis, Sabrine Waismann, Mark Rodseth, Amied Shadmaan & Rosie Bailey.

 Thank you to our partners CI&T and 4YFN - 4 Years from Now for helping us put this together.


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