July 2023
July 13, 2023
July 13, 2023

Quick recap of the DE&I x event in partnership with VMO2

DE&I in the age of digital transformation

Platform.Trust VMO2 DE&I talks launch at Wayra UK 2023

Why we’re talking about DE&I

Time and time again, studies have shown #Diversity, #Equity & #Inclusion  (DE&I) isn’t just a nice-to-have, but an absolute essential for building a high-performing, innovation-driven #workforce.​

This series is a recurring event that aims not just to talk about DE&I but rather share tangible practices to create a high-performing, innovation-driven workforce. It is an opportunity to take part in an honest and impactful conversation to drive change in the corporate landscape.

"This event was different. It was an honest and impactful conversation with excellent speakers describing their journey to embed “Inclusivity by Design.”"

- Owanate Bestman, Director, Bestman Solutions

What is platform.trust?

Platform.trust is a community (and single-track event) that fosters technical excellence and innovation, provides a platform for sharing research, creates space for a lively discussion of technical subjects and brings together people that are as passionate about Digitalisation, Tech, AI, Security, and Privacy.

VMO2 is on a mission to become a truly digital-first organization. Culture, people, and experience are at the center of digital transformation and the first thing to acknowledge is that we have a long way to go.

Series Launch

Hosted in the Wayra UK office the theme of the first event was how to build a high-performing and #innovationdriven workforce. This event was not about WHY but about HOW to create “inclusivity by design”

We assembled a line-up of leading speakers that gave a 360 view on the topic - from individuals who have championed DE&I from within their organizations and others who took an 'outside-in' approach, building entire businesses focused on tackling these challenges at scale.

Six excellent speakers  for shared their valuable insights with us: 

Solange Sobral, - Leading the Change

Suid Adeyanju, - Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: Lessons from a Black Tech Founder

Marcus Whyte, James Bryce, - Corporate recruiting: What can & needs to change ​

Kay Schwabedal,Fortune Barnard, - Building inclusive leadership teams: Looking to the future of VMO2

Watch footage of the event here

Keeping momentum 

This is part of a wider event series and long term commitment to driving people for the wider case of digital transformation.

Events like these are our steps towards learning from the best to start making real change and impact.

We will be continuing the conversation about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. 

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